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How to Play Basketball like Lebron James

Learn how to play like Lebron James from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Dwayne 'Swoop' Simpson: Now, Mr. 540

LaMarvon '540' Jackson: Yeah.

Dwayne: People ask me all the time, "Hey Swoop. I want to learn how to play like Lebron James, alright?" Now, Lebron James, now, he is a physical specimen. One of the greatest athletes in the NBA today, combining not only size, athletic ability, stature with ball handling skills and all that great stuff. Alright? So before you think you can just lace up your kicks and play like Lebron James you're gonna have to work on your game. You're gonna have to work in the gym to become stronger, faster. And just do all the things that Lebron James does on a daily basis.

Now, Mr. 540, we're gonna highlight one of the things that Lebron James does very, very well. Alright? He is an extremely great athlete, alright. Being able to handle the ball. Push the ball down the floor. At about 6, 8 he can push the ball down the floor and finish at the rim with authority. So let's show some quick moves at half court attacking a basket. Okay?

Alright. Now, Lebron James is very, very deadly on the fast break. His court vision allows him to find his teammates in different areas of the basketball court. And he is able to finish at an immense rate when he's coming down on the basketball court.

So Mr. 540's gonna show us very, very quickly how he comes down on fast break, catching his opponents with one move and finishing at the basket with authority.

Whoa! Oh! Man. Working together on the basketball court is one of the attributes that Lebron James utilizes every single night when he's playing in NBA. Remember, use your teammates, work hard, become a better basketball player. Work on your skills as well as your athleticism and maybe one day you can learn how to play like Lebron James.

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