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How to Run Faster in Basketball

Learn how to run faster in basketball from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Male Voice 1: Now, Cool.

Male Voice 2: Yes, yes.

Male Voice 1: This is all about speed, here baby.

Male Voice 2: I'm slow.

Male Voice 1: Yeah, but we're gonna make you faster.

Male Voice 2: How we gonna do that?

Male Voice 1: We gotta work on your legs.

Male Voice 2: OK. OK.

Male Voice 1: See, our fastest player on our team is the road runner.

Male Voice 2: That's why they call him the road runner?

Male Voice 1: Yeah.

Male Voice 2: He's fast.

Male Voice1: So you wanna be able to change speeds.

Male Voice 2: OK.

Male Voice 1: And change directions.

Male Voice 2: OK. OK.

Male Voice 1: So now.

Male Voice 2: OK.

Male Voice 1: So now, we're gonna show you how you can pick up your speed on the basketball court.

Male Voice2: OK. What kind of things can I do, to do that man?

Male Voice 1: First, you're gonna have to work on a sprint.

Male Voice 2: A sprint? OK, so what, I come out here to the line here?

Male Voice 1: Yeah. Yeah.

Male Voice 2: OK. So we're on the basketball court.

Male Voice 1: We want you to go to half court on a dead sprint, as fast as you can go.

Male Voice 2: As fast as I can go?

Male Voice 1: Yeah. Go. Go.

Male Voice 2: OK.

Male Voice 1: Go. Half court.

Male Voice 2: Oh, OK. OK.

Male Voice 1: That, that was no, no, no. See, you definitely need to work on your speed Cool.

Male Voice 2: But I was going fast as I can do it.

Male Voice 1: No, no, no. Show him how to do it road runner. This is the speed right here. You see that? This is the speed. Bam! That's the road runner going. Bam! Come on back, come on back, show him the speed. You see that? Open the arms.

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