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What Is Offense in Basketball?

Learn what offense is from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Broadway: So Swoop.

Swoop: Yes?

Broadway: Here we are.

Swoop: Is it time?

Broadway: Is time for your favorite part of the game.

Swoop: The cooker's time.

Broadway: The time to cook it.

Swoop: It's time when I'm cooking out here, the offense side. I got them in the fire, like flap jacks.

Swoop: I be hustling. I be, I be hustling.

Broadway: What sound was that?

Swoop: I'm making french fries.

Broadway: Yeah?

Swoop: Yeah, because I'm the cooker.

Broadway: Yeah.

Swoop: Yeah.

Broadway: So you've got to be able to cook on offense?

Swoop: Yes.

Broadway: So what we're going to do is explain to people, the simple way how to initiate the offense and just get some structure on the court, so they can get spacing and play good offense.

Swoop: Offense is all about getting the best shot possible, right?

Broadway: It's all about sharing the ball, moving the ball, screening for each other, making plays to get your teammate, or yourself, in your case, the best shot.

Swoop: That's right. Cooker's got to shoot the ball when the cooker gets the ball.

Broadway: But sometimes the cooker has to screen or pass the ball.

Swoop: That's true. That's true.

Broadway: Iit's rare, it's rare, but sometimes it happens.

Swoop: Yeah, because I be cooking.

Broadway: Sometimes you like to cook.

Swoop: I cook.

Broadway: Yeah.

Swoop: Alright, so lets go show them where a good offense is all about.

Broadway: So her we have it Swoop.

Swoop: What's up?

Broadway: Basketball offense, we got the positions on the court like we showed before.

Swoop: Okay.

Broadway: Notice, that we have good spacing on the court.

Swoop: That's right. That's what it's all about.

Broadway: When you get good spacing, what it creates is open lanes to be able to drive to the basket. It makes it harder for the defense to guard you, because you have space to create with the pass or the dribble. So what we have here is a basic one-two-two set or two out two way, whatever you want to call it. We usually initiate this offense with a pass. Ping off of that point guard spot and he's going to pass it to 540. After he passes it, 540 has a couple of options. If he can get a shot off from right there, his first option is get a shot off. His next option, is to dump the ball down into poster Swoop. Now if Swoop's not open, pass it back out to 540. Swoop is going to go set a screen. And DP comes across, he posts up at the block. Swoop rolls back to the basketball. Now go back to your positions. Go back to your position.

When King Arthur initiates with the pass, King Arthur is going to pass the ball. He comes and sets a screen for me. Now, I'm just the release guy. I come back to the middle of the court, looking to reverse the ball, only if the other options aren't open. So, King Arthur is going to initiate with the pass. He's going to come and set a good screen for me. Notice the screen, he's got a wide base. DP waits for the screen, he goes and posts up in what we call ball side. Swoop comes back up to the mid post area here. He can go and pass the ball to Swoop. DP will then turn, open up. Swoop has the pass to DP for a lay up.

Swoop: With a high low.

Broadway: That's that high low action. Now if you get the ball back to LaMarvin. Those guys are in the area right there, after Arthur sets the screen for me I set my man up. I take him tight off the shoulder. Use the screen and I come back to the basketball right here. Now, when I receive the ball from LaMarvin, DP is on that side right there, Swoop is here, he's going to follow the basketball. Follow the ball, I pass it over to King Arthur. He follows it all the way down to the block. DP can flash high,I come by and set a screen for LaMarvin. Now that's a high low action. We can also. When I get the ball from La Marvin, go back Swoop. He can pass the ball to me, DP can do whats called going block to block. DP can slide across on the back side. Swoop can flatten out. I can pass the ball to King Arthur. DP posts up, he doesn't have anything, we're in the same motion, he goes and sets a screen. Swoop comes ball side. DP flashes high. Same offense. We'll go through it full speed. Come here, set the screen, use it. Uh-huh, yep. Come high Swoop, nothing here. Alright, reverse, reverse, show it, here high low, finish.

Swoop: Yeah!

Broadway: And there you have it Swoop. You look right there, you got good motion, you got good spacing, you got everybody involved. Everybody touched the ball, we got good player movement, and we wound up getting a shot, two feet from the basket with our best offensive player inside, DP.

DP: Solid Pass.

Broadway: That was a great pass.

DP: I did that.

Broadway: So that's how you do it?

DP: Haha.

Broadway: You got a good motion, got good ball movement, good player spacing, and good shot on the finish. And there you have it, offense with the Wizards.

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