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How to Play the Drinking Game Russian Roulette with Beer

Learn how to play the drinking game Russian Roulette with beer in this Howcast video.


What's up guys? This is Russian Roulette drinking game with beer. Now, a disclaimer. Go outside for this game.

This is the Russian Roulette drinking game with beer. Now, you're going to set up a table. If there are six people playing, you're going to put six beers on the table. You're all going to turn around and put your backs to the beer. You can't see the beer. One person, picked at random, is going to turn around, take one of the beers, and shake it vigorously. Put it back down, rearrange the beers. Go back into the line.

Everyone then turns around, and one at a time, picks a beer starting at one end of the line and going down. The person who shook the beer is to take the last beer. Everyone takes the beer, puts it on top of their head, and on the count of three opens the beer and leaves it there, until the beer is done exploding. Now, only one person will experience the explosion, and you have to leave it there. We then take the beer and drink it. That's the end of the game.

Now, there are 15 minutes between games. The person who got the foamy beer is eliminated. To start the next round you get five more beers, because one person was eliminated. You put those five beers on the table, pick a person at random. They go down, shake the beer as per the last time. Put it back on the table, rearrange. Each person starting at the front of the line picks one beer. Everybody puts it on top of their head, opens it. Lets it explode all over their head, then it starts all over again, until there's one person left.

And that is Russian Roulette, the drinking game with beer. Enjoy.

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