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How to Play the Drinking Game Thumper

Learn how to play thumper from expert Drew Moerlein in this drinking games video from Howcast.


What's going on guys? Thumpers, the drinking game, is a very simple game just like Fuzzy Duck, but you need one more thing, you need a table, and, once again, a bunch of friends.

You're going to all sit around the table and you each need a spot for both of your hands. So you can't crowd in fifty people around this small table. What you're going to do is you're all going to start tapping. You can go really slowly if you want, to start. I'll slow it way down so I can show you guys this game. Then you tap. Then the first person, I'll be the designated starter, is going to throw up a hand sign. That's my hand sign. Then I'm going to pass it. There's no sound because I'm just playing by myself but this would sound like tapping all the time because everyone is tapping.

Then they're going to throw up my hand sign first, and then go back down so it's going to go like this, and then they're going to throw up their own. It's going to keep going like that and then they're going to pass it. Then it's going to keep going like that until someone messes up. It just adds on. It's basically just a game of adding on hand symbols. The tapping goes on throughout. Boom, boom, hand signal. That's how the game is played until somebody messes up and drinks. It's a pretty simple game but it takes a lot of focus and you have to remember, obviously, all of the previous symbols before you.

You throw up your hand sign, pass it, and the next person throws up your hand sign first, hand back down, and then their own hand sign, back down, and point to someone else. The next person throws up your hand sign, the person before them's hand sign, and their own hand sign. Then it literally keeps going like that and then someone's going to mess up on the fourth time, fifth time, or sixth time.

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