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Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game Strategy

Learn the best strategy for playing fuzzy duck from expert Drew Moerlein in this drinking games video from Howcast.


Fuzzy duck, the drinking game, best strategies. Best strategies is another word for "How do you mess up your opponents." Okay? So what's you're going to do is, there are options to mess people up. You can speed it up. If the game is sped up, you're automatically going to have a lot more line flubs, a lot more mistakes, and when people try to reverse it, the people who get it reversed to them are going to mess up.

There's another trick that you can do. The phrase is moving clockwise, and I want to reverse it to this guy. If I want to mess this guy up, "It can go "fuzzy duck, ducky fuzz, fuzzy duck, does he?" which reverses, but I'm sending it to this guy. So this guy is inherently going to go "Fuzzy Duck," and I'm going to sucker punch him and he's going to drink. No, you don't have to sucker punch him. And this guy might even fall for my physical deke. So, fuzzy duck, ducky fuzz, does he, and then this guy has to go, and if he sees me physically go this way or throw my voice toward the next person, he's probably going to go, "Oh, it's there turn, not mine," and then you mess him up.

Or you could even go the other way, I didn't even mention that. Ducky fuzz, fuzzy duck, ducky fuzz, instead of throwing ducky fuzz that way, which you saying it automatically sends it that way, but this guy's going to think you're sending it back to him.

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