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Beer Pong Drinking Game Shot Techniques

Learn some beer pong shot techniques from expert Drew Moerlein in this drinking games video from Howcast.


  • Step 1: Different ways to hold the ball Trying holding the Ping-Pong ball with your thumb and middle finger, resting your index finger on top.
  • Step 2: Tossing techniques Keeping a loose grip and wrist, toss from your elbow and follow through using your wrist.
  • Step 3: Throwing techniques Trying other throw techniques including shooting it like a basketball and tossing underhand.


This is Beer Pong Shot Techniques. Basically if you're playing beer pong on Beirut with your hands, you can also play with a paddle where you'd hit it just like you'd play ping pong, and if you make it in the car, you usually only have one cup on each corner of the table.

That's one other variation or technique. But basically what you're going to want to do is hold the ball in your throwing hand, your dominant hand whichever it is. I'm a righty. My shot technique is I hold the ball primarily with my thumb and middle finger, and then I rest my index on the top of it. My hand has a very loose grip like the ball could almost fall out of my hand and all the motion starts from my elbow, and then when I release my wrist goes. So it's going to be, I kind of do warm up tosses and then it releases and the wrist follows through. So it feels like that.

There are varying techniques on how to hold the ball. It doesn't really matter it's really how the ball's most comfortable in your hand. I've seen people throw with just their index and thumb, kind of wrist cocked sideways. I've seen people throw it straight on like that. Some people just middle, just ring. I've seen the famous basketball through where they kind of throw it off their hand like you would a basketball. I've also seen this one, I had this, I used this for a week, it was a bad week. So yeah you have the backwards through.

Then of course you have all of the trick shots. You've got the behind the back, you've got the over the head, we've got off the wall, we've got off the table, off a ceiling. I don't know, I have this one kid who vowed he could headbutt the ball every time so he'd throw it off his head. He didn't win.

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