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Beer Pong Drinking Game Strategy

Learn the best strategy for playing beer pong from expert Drew Moerlein in this drinking games video from Howcast.


Beer pong strategies. Now I will preface this all with house rules. There are house rules. You have your own house rules. Everybody else has their own house rules. So everything that I discuss are house rules that I have or I'll tell you that they're not my house rules but I want it to discuss them in this clip.

First of all, strategy you need for a proper beer pong attire, my team shirt, you need to warm up, get yourself ready for play. It's a very high intensity sport. And then, yeah, you're ready to play. So there are a few strategies. One, which I do not agree with because I consider this game to be a gentlemen's game and whoever makes all of the cups is who wins but I know a lot of houses, a lot of people play with distraction, a little bit of lift up shirt, a little bit of pulled on the back of the pants, little bit of truffle shuffle. you know. Get people distracted, pulls some nipples at, you know. What are you going to do? I don't necessarily agree with that. But I know that a lot of people use that method to win beer pong games because who beats distract me.

Next strategy I would say would be bouncing. In my house bouncing is legal. In our house bouncing is legal. There is one stipulation. When you bounce as soon as the ball hits any surface on the table, the opponent can knock it away, grab it, knock it away. If somebody throws the ball and it bounces off the rim, I can grab it. As soon as the ball has hit any surface. So what's so cool about bouncing, some people find bouncing to be a faux pas. I think that the bouncing takes just as much strategy and talent as shooting the beer pong ball. Simply because you have to hit the ball at the right angle off the table to make it bounce into a cup. And you also have to take into consideration defense. I think the bouncing makes defense a much more powerful part of the beer pong game.

So for instance, if my opponent is chatting with a couple of girls or I sent a couple of girls over to chat with them and I bounce the ball, they have to be aware of the game and be ready to stop that ball otherwise if I make a bounce, it's two cups which is beneficial to our game obviously, because the point is to knock all their beers out and not drink any of your own beers because you want to play tons of games up here. Eight games deep and you come down to one cup, you're going to be wasting.

Oh, I forgot to say this. You must drink your cup before you shoot. If you make a ball on this cup, I pull the ball out, drink the cup, put it down and then I can shoot.

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