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How to Play the Drinking Game Beer Pong

Learn how to play beer pong from expert Drew Moerlein in this drinking games video from Howcast.


These are the beer pong rules, also known as Babe Ruth. You are going to
need beer pong balls, they are called ping pong balls, but in our world
they are called beer pong balls and party cups, 16 ounce party cups. You
are going to need between, if you want to play six cup, you're going to
need 12 party cups, obviously six for each side, if you want to play ten
cup, like real men and women do, we're going to need 20 party cups, ten
for each side.

You want at least two beer pong balls because sometimes things get rowdy.
What you're going to need besides that is an eight foot table, that's a
standard length table. Obviously today we're working with a little bit
shorter table, but eight foot table is standard table, that's the regulation
size ping pong table and that is a professional beer pong table size. If
you want to go a little shorter you can, but if you want to throw like
the pros, toss with the pros, play with the pros, you're going to need
an eight foot table.

Also you're going to need two other cups, preferably not red party cups,
to prevent water drinking, you're going to need these cups for water
cups. So get two larger cups, fill them three quarters of the way with water, these
are your ball cleaning water cups. You want to not use party cups
because when things get rowdy and people get wild, they'll end up
drinking the water cup, which is full of cat hair and dirt and other
things. You're going to set up in a triangle about a half an inch to an
inch from your end of the table. You're going to set up a triangle of
the cups. If it's ten cup it goes four, three, two, one and if it's a six cup it goes
three, two, one.

Then play in twos. You're going to get opposite your opponent, if you're
just playing one on one, you obviously just one person on each side of
the table. If you're playing team pong, you have two players on each
side of the table. You're going to go eye to eye with your opponent,
look them right in the eye and you're going to go, one, two, three. Now this is
to determine who gets to shoot the ball first. Say I make the cups, I
get both balls, I then get to shoot both balls.

There are house rules in beer pong. House rules always go: If you go to
someone's house, if you go to a bar, wherever you are. If you go to a
party, you play by that persons house rules. There's no question,
there's no argument, that person has the rule. If you make a cup, the
person must pull the cup, if that cup is made you pull it because if
another ball goes in that same cup, the game is over. If two balls land
in the same cup ever, the game is over.

Now, you pull the cup, drink it, put it down and they're going to shoot
again. If you make two cups, two separate cups in one go, it's a send
back. So make two cups, balls get sent back to you and you shoot again,
that's a send back.

Re-rack rules for ten cup beer pong go as such. Automatic re-rack is six
cups, so that's mid-turn, that's anytime, obviously many variations on
that. Some people do two racks per game, not mid-turn, some people do
re-rack at six, four, three, two, one, always reforming to make the game to go
faster. When we get down to the final cup, if you make the final cup,
the other person has a chance to rebuttal.

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