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How to Play the Drinking Game Never Have I Ever aka I Never

Learn how to play the game Never Have I Ever, also known as I Never, from expert Drew Moerlein in this drinking games video from Howcast.


  • Step 1: Understand the rules The starting player says something he or she has never done. If one of other players has indeed done that something they have to take a drink.
  • Step 2: Playing the game Each player should keep track of what they've done, ticking off the score on 10 fingers. The player who winds up doing the most, which means losing the most fingers, wins.


Male Voice 1: What's going on, guys? This is Never Have I Ever, the drinking game, and as you can tell, I've got a few friends along with me. We have John, Greg, Drew, and Ryan. We're going to show you how to play Never Have I Ever, while drinking. Basically, what we're going to do is, I will start. I'm going to say a statement, never have I ever done something, seen something, anything, and we all have 10 fingers, right, boys? 10 fingers. Now, when we have done something that is stated before us, and if you have done it, you lose a finger, and you drink. And then it moves onto the next person, and secrets are revealed, and we lose fingers, and when you are done with all of your fingers, you win the game, meaning that you've done the most things in the entire world. I'm going to start. Never have I ever skydived.

Male Voice 2: Really?

Male Voice 1: He's cooler than we are.

Male Voice 2: Never have I ever played Never Have I Ever with four dudes.

Male Voice 3: Wait, does that mean I have played Never Have I Ever with four dudes?

Male Voice 2: Now you have.

Male Voice 3: Oh.

Male Voice 4: Never have I ever smoked in the boys bathroom.

Male Voice 2: You're so bad.

Male Voice 5: Never have I ever eaten an insect.

Male Voice 1: Mm.

Male Voice 2: Oh, alright. Praying Mantis.

Male Voice 1: Chocolate-covered cockroach.

Male Voice 2: Oh, wow.

Male Voice 3: Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.

Male Voice 2: Never have I ever hit on a friend's mom.

Male Voice 1: Oh, come on. Really?

Male Voice 2: I mean, I've thought about it.

Male Voice 4: Never have I ever stolen a cab from a tourist.

Male Voice 2: Stolen a cab from a tourist? I have.

Male Voice 3: Yeah.

Male Voice 5: Never have I ever had my aunt walk in on me wearing her pumps.

Male Voice 2: [?]

Male Voice: I won. Or I lost.

Male Voice 2: Yeah.

Male Voice: One of the two. Anyway, the game's over when somebody's 10 fingers are done. So, that is Never Have I Ever, the drinking game.

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