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How to Shotgun a Beer

Learn how to shotgun a beer from expert Drew Moerlein in this drinking games video from Howcast.


This is shotgunning a beer. Now, this can be turned into a game very easily. You simply score on lack of spillage, gulp speed, and the time it takes the shotgun the beer. I hope we can put a time ticker on this camera.

Boys and girls, you take the beer can, you tilt it sideways, you take a sharp object, a screw driver or a set of keys, whatever you have at home, and you want to puncture a hole. Here's the mouthpiece, you want to puncture a hole on the opposite lower side about a quarter of the way up.

So we've got our hole. Now, you're going to tip the can up. Put your mouth over the hole, pop the can, tilt it upright, and suck all the beer out. And that's how intense this is, cups fall over. Ready? That's how you shotgun a beer.

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