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How to Include the Jack "Make a Rule" Suggestion in Kings

Learn about including the Jack "Make a Rule" card variation in the game Kings from expert Drew Moerlein in this drinking games video from Howcast.


This is King's Cup. As you can see, the cup is inverted, so there are a couple of card assignment changes. The jack now becomes make a rule, and the king now becomes king's cup. The first three kings to be pulled add whatever they want to the cup. Hopefully it's booze, beer, liquor, something. If you want to put something else, please feel free, but remember, you may be the one pulling the last king, which has to drink the cup. Just to clarify that, the last king drawn drinks the center cup.

So when you add, if you're the first three kings, when you add, remember that you may be drinking this cup at the end. If you pull a jack or a king, a jack in King's Cup, or a king in King's, you get to make a rule.

Some common rules, or some fun rules. Before you drink, you must remove the little man from the top of your beer and put him back on. You may not say anyone's first name. You have to call me sir. You have to stand up before you drink. And those are some common rules. You can make up whatever you want. Be creative. It's a fun game.

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