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What Is a Foul in Basketball?

Learn what a basketball foul is from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Q: Now, Mr. 540?

Mr. 540: Yes?

Q: We're still talking about rules of the basketball game. Alright? Now, when you're playing a game of basketball, there's things called fouls, right? Now, these are bad things that you do not want to do when you're playing the game of basketball. Alright? So, say the other opponent's coming in for a basket, he's coming to score the ball and maybe you smack his arm. That's a foul. What? That's a foul. And, let's say the other opponent is going to shoot a jump shot. And, that's a foul. Alright? Let's just say you have another opponent driving to the basket, driving to the basket . . . Uh! That's a foul. Alright?

Now, sometimes you want to use your fouls wisely but you don't want to get six fouls because if you get six fouls, you'll end up fouling out of the game. Alright? Now, fouls can sometimes be a good thing, alright? You're on the defensive end and you're playing great defense. Your opponent is out of control and . . . Uh! You take a good offensive charge, which is a foul against him and now it's our ball. Alright? So these are the different types of fouls that you can get. Also, guys, you don't want to forget about Technical Fouls. These are absolute no-no's. We don't want to get those because that means you get two of those and you get thrown out of the game. And, no body wants to be thrown out of the game. So remember, we got personal fouls, technical fouls, offensive fouls, defensive fouls...

Mr. 540: What's a technical foul?

Q:Oh, a technical foul. That's when you're out of line. Right? Maybe you're yelling at the referee. Maybe you're using bad words. Maybe you're not doing the right thing. I'm talking about unsportsmanlike conduct. Alright? Those are some reasons of how you can get a technical foul and we don't want to get those, right? Remember, technical fouls, personal fouls, offensive fouls and defensive fouls. Whatever you do, make sure you stay in the game and play it the right way. And, those are what fouls are.

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