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How to Make a Papaya Facial Mask

Learn how to make a papaya facial mask from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this skin care video from Howcast.


Papaya masks are actually really incredible for any skin type. The papaya, which I have right here mashed up already in the bowl, in incredible because it contains a ton of enzymes which help to exfoliate the surface of the skin. Exfoliation is important for anybody, and I highly recommend it for all skin types, like I said.

So this mask if going to be really easy. We're going to use a third of a cup of papaya, which I have already mashed up in the bowl. We're going to use three teaspoons of rice powder. We're going to do three teaspoons of organic plain yogurt. It contains acidophilus, which is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient for people who break out. And we're going to do a quarter of a cup of warmed honey. I like it warm just because it's easier to blend in with the other ingredients.

So let's start combining. I'm going to just put my papaya into the honey. Now I'm going to add the rice powder. The rice powder is good because it helps hold all the ingredients together, and it also absorbs oil in the skin. So it helps keep the skin clean. And finally, I'm going to add my yogurt. The reason why this mask is so incredible is not only does it exfoliate, it hydrates the skin as well and provides a lot of vitamin C for the skin, which is a really important ingredient if you want to have healthy skin, no matter what your age.

So I'm blending together all the ingredients in a bowl, and as you can see, it actually makes a very beautiful mask, nice and pink. You don't need very much of it. You can just use a very thin layer on the surface of the skin. So you're combining a great exfoliant in the papaya enzyme with the hydrating property of the honey, and the oil absorption of the rice powder and the calming function of the yogurt.

So this is the most well-balanced mask I think you could ever make out of the kitchen. And like I said, it's great for all skin types, whether you're skin is oily, dry, or normal. Leave it on for 20 minutes, and rinse off with tepid water. This is exactly like giving yourself a professional-level facial right at home, and I would definitely go out afterward. You're skin's going to look great.

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