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How to Make a Honey, Yogurt & Olive Oil Facial Mask

Learn how to make a honey, yogurt, and olive oil facial mask from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this skin care video from Howcast.


A lot of people ask me, "What is the best type of mask to use if you've gotten a lot of sun at the beach one day, or if you just have too much sun damage in general?" The best ingredients for that are the ingredients in this next mask.

So we are going to use a third of a cup of yogurt, preferably organic and of course plain. We're going to use a quarter-cup of honey. I like it warmed, because it's a little bit easier to work with. And we are also going to do two teaspoons of olive oil. It's actually a great skin softener, and it's also an anti-inflammatory.

So whether you have a really bad sunburn, or you have skin that's a little bit rough and dry and weathered-looking because you've taken in too much sun over the years, this is a great mask for you.

So I'm just going to add in our yogurt, and we're going to mix this together. The honey is very hydrating for the skin, and for those of you who had recent sunburns, you know that the first thing that you feel is that your skin gets really tight and uncomfortable-looking. So the honey's going to help you with that. The yogurt is actually going to cool down the sunburn and make it start to heal faster. And the olive oil is going to soften your skin and bring down inflammation.

And you're just going to apply a really thin layer to the surface of the skin. It doesn't have to be really thick. It's extremely cooling for the skin. You're going to feel the cold of the yogurt, which will be really nice if you have a sunburn. But even if you just have sun damage and sort of a leathery texture to your skin, this is going to be feeling cold to you, but also the olive oil is going to really penetrate through that kind of leathery skin and really make it soft again.

When you take this mask off, whether you just have sunburn or you have, you know, sun-damaged skin over time, this mask is going to absolutely transform your skin. You won't believe the results. You're just going to be glowing. You're going to be dewy again. You're going to look like you have new skin.

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