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How to Make a Baking Soda Facial Mask

Learn how to make a baking soda facial mask from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this skin care video from Howcast.


Right now I'm going to talk about doing a baking soda mask. I normally don't approve of doing extractions at home, because I think people tend to damage the surface of their skin a lot by being over vigorous with trying to get blackheads out of the skin, but I know people are going to do it anyway. So this mask is to try to help you with your extractions so you don't do permanent damage to your face.

Before I would do this mask, I would really want everyone to get in the shower first and take a nice steaming shower to really steam the face to prepare it for this mask.

This mask is super simple to do. All you're going to do is take four tablespoons of baking soda, which I've already put in this bowl here,and I'm going to add some water to it. Basically you want to form a paste. You can add more baking soda if necessary to the mix to make it thicker. Even if it's really thin, it actually doesn't matter that much. It's not going to change the efficacy of the mask.

Basically you're just going to put a thin layer. I would just put it on the areas you're going to extract. Most people when they're at home, they just want to extract their nose or perhaps their nose, and their chin so I would just put it there. Just apply a thin layer. If you don't have a brush, you could use a cotton ball, a q-tip, really anything would work.

As you can see, it is very pasty, and I would leave it on for about 15 minutes. I would rinse it off with warm water, and then I would proceed with extraction. Make sure that you cover your fingertips with tissue or with cotton or even better, use two q-tips to extract the blackheads so that you're not using your fingers at all. That way you're not risking making a mark with one of your fingernails in the surface of the skin from being over vigorous in your extraction. You'll find that this mask really softens your blackheads and they'll come right out for you.

When you're done, you could do a mask or just put moisturizer on and go. You should have really great looking skin after.

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