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How to Make a Honey Yogurt Facial Mask

Learn how to make a honey yogurt facial mask from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this skin care video from Howcast.


It's really simple. You're only going to need three ingredients. I have a half of a cup of yogurt. I like to use organic yogurt for all of my face masks. I have about four tablespoons of warmed honey. I like the honey to be warmed, just because I think it's easier to work with. It's a little bit looser so it blends with the other ingredients a little bit easier. And you're going to need four tablespoons of lemon.

The average size lemon has about three tablespoons of lemon juice. So you're going to need a little bit more than one lemon's worth. So I'm going to cut this lemon. And I'm going to squeeze it into my bowl of honey. Don't worry if you get some of the seeds in your mask mixture. And I'm just going to take this small little half to get my extra tablespoon of lemon juice in there.

And now I'm going to add my yogurt, which is a half cup. This smells amazing. It is so fresh smelling. You're not going to be able to wait to put it on your skin.

So I'm just mixing this together. It's a little bit watery because of the lemon juice, but that's fine. You want all three ingredients blended together really well so that your skin gets all of it.

And you're just going to put a thin layer of this on your skin. It's going to be kind of a milky appearance. And like I said, a very thing layer. It doesn't have to be too thick.

This mask is really incredible for anybody who wants some hydrating to their skin, but also some evening out of the skin tone. A lot of clients tell me that they're really unhappy with the unevenness. This mask is perfect for that. It's going to be hydrating. It's very soothing. It feels almost cold to the touch of the skin. And the lemon juice is really great for making the skin look very even and more perfect looking.

This would not be a mask to do if you're going to go out in the sun because the sun just kind of ruins it and gives you more pigment. But this is something to do as a treatment plan if you want to get rid of pigment or you want to even out your skin over time, I would do this mask once week for six weeks straight. And you'll be amazed at how glowy and dewy and how much more perfect your skin really looks.

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