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What Is Microdermabrasion?

Learn what microdermabrasion is from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this skin care video from Howcast.


Microderm abrasion is something that's been in skin care for a very long time. Back in the 80's, the most popular form of microderm abrasion was to use salt crystals, or some type of sand crystals that would sand blast the surface of the skin with every pass of the wand. It was a little bit messy and not so efficient in terms of exfoliating the skin. These days, the most advanced form of microderm abrasion that I love, is something called the diamond peel.

That actually put diamonds in the tip of the wand that the aesthetician uses, and every time they pass the wand along the surface of the skin, the diamonds help to slip off dead skin cells off of the surface of the skin and also surface dirt. I use microderm abrasion before every treatment begins because I just think that getting the surface dirt and the dead skin cells off of you before I start using amazing organic products.

IT really helps for the products to penetrate better and it's an instant skin brightener. You may think that you have really dry skin, really oily skin, or some kind of a skin problem, and you just do microderm abrasion once on a client and the probably actually is taken away. It's like having a little magic wand for the skin and I really, really believe in it.

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