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What Are LED Light Treatments?

Learn what LED light treatments are from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this skin care video from Howcast.


LED light therapy is something that I absolutely love, no matter what your skin type and no matter what age you are. LED light therapy was discovered at the turn of the last century. The scientist who discovered it found out that certain light waves give energy to living cells. It took until the 1970s for NASA to take that original and investigate it further. They wanted to grow plants on the moon.

So they started to have machines built to test the effects on LED light on plants and on human cells. What they discovered is that LED light therapy brings down inflammation in the body. It speeds the healing of the body by 300 percent. And it actually grows collagen in quantifiable percentages. By accident they also found out that when LED light is applied to any surface of the skin that it corrects any surface damage on the skin as well. How does translate into aesthetics? Well for me, it just means that I can suddenly have the power to erase lines and wrinkles from someone's face, or to get rid of pigment that's not wanted on the skin. It's really an amazing treatment.

What I did several years ago was I purchased an LED light therapy machine just for the face, and I had clients say over and over again, "Oh, I wish I could have this on my whole body." Or they would ask for a treatment on their knees, or on their butt, or on their stomach. And so I had the idea to invent a bed. So I have a bed in my salon that has LED light, both red and infrared that covers the entire front of the body and the entire back of the body. So you can have an LED light therapy session in the bed after any kind of facial treatment or any kind of body treatment.

It's for all skin types and people of all ages. And it's a really exciting treatment because you can be doing amazing things for the wrinkles on your face, and at the same time you can be toning your stomach and your knees, your butt, any other part of the body that you want, because you're just in this cocoon of LED light. It's something that, ever since I added to my menu of services, has been absolutely the most popular treatment that we provide for people. And I would say probably 90 percent of my clients use the bed.

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