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How to Make Homemade Spa Facials with Joanna Vargas

Learn about Joanna Vargas, one of Howcast's spa facial experts, in this skin care video.


I'm Joanna Vargas from Joanna Vargas Salon in New York City.

I started doing facials fifteen years ago. I actually originally intended on being a make up artist but, when I started to get my license for doing make up, I fell in love with giving facials to people.

I love taking care of somebody one on one. I love knowing about nutrition and health and really helping people to figure out what the source is of their problems with their skin, and helping them to feel better about themselves.

I send out a newsletter to all my clients twice a week. I tweet skin care tips every day for people. And if you come to this salon I even give out recipes for green juices, which I think are really essential for perfect looking skin.

I'm really known for doing anti-aging treatments. I do microcurrent, oxygen, LED light, and I'm actually the inventor of an LED light bed made of red and infrared light. I also have my own skin care line which launched just a few months ago. It's a tightly edited line of all the essential products I think anybody needs for clean, clear glowing skin.

Rachel Weisz uses my product line exclusively. Sofia Coppola loves my product line. Carly Cross also. And all of those ladies also come into the salon in New York City for facials and for LED light therapy.

So if you want more information about my light bed, about my skin care line, or just if you're looking for tips and tricks about your skin go to

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