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Different Types of Facial Peels

Learn about the different kinds of facial peels from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this skin care video from Howcast.


There are four different kinds of facial peels. You can have a fruit acid peel, you can have a glycolic acid peel, which is a sugar based peel. You can have an enzyme peel, which would be a fruit or a vegetable enzyme. And then you can have a mechanical peel like microderm abrasion. My preference is an enzyme peel from a fruit or a vegetable. It's much more gentle for the skin, it doesn't inflame the skin as much as a fruit acid, and frankly it's more universal no matter what kind of skin you have, likely your skin can tolerate an enzyme peel.

It is much less likely to tolerate any type of fruit acid and most people are allergic to fruit acids and don't even know it. Enzyme peels are great because they clean out your pores without damaging the surface of the skin so you won't be red after. I do also like mechanical peels like microderm abrasion, but you really have to trust the person who is working on you and they really have to know what would be best for your skin. If somebody's too vigorous in their exfoliation of your skin with a microderm abrasion wand, you could break a capillary and you don't want to end up with a worse problem than when you started. So I think the safe bet is an enzyme peel.

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