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How to Make an Egg Facial Mask

Learn how to make an egg facial mask from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this skin care video from Howcast.


So now I'm going to show you how to make an egg mask. It's a very simple mask to create. We're just going to use three ingredients. We're going to use one egg, a half of a cup of organic plain yogurt, and we're going to use almond oil. So I'm going to start by cracking my egg into the bowl. Now I'm going to add my yogurt, and then I'm going to finish with three tablespoons of almond oil.

So whenever I have egg as an ingredient in any of my masks, I prefer to use a fork to blend everything together, and that's just to make sure that all the ingredients blend properly. As you can see, it blends pretty easily together. This mask is going to go on pretty thin onto the skin, and that's fine. You're still having all the benefits of each ingredient all over the skin, just like I said. It's kind of a misconception that you need a thick layer of mask to make it work. So as you can see, the consistency is pretty thin, but I have all the ingredients everywhere.

The egg, like I said, is very clarifying. The yogurt is incredible as an anti-inflammatory. It actually has acidophilus, as you may know, which is anti-bacterial, which will bring down inflammations. Because if you have any pimples on the skin, you're going to really be shrinking those. The almond oil is really great because it's hydrating. It's rich without clogging the pores, but it's really going to leave the skin soft and dewy, and with all the clarifying ingredients you want something to kind of balance that out.

So this mask is safe no matter if you have oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin. It's going to work for everybody. So a thin layer all over. Leave it on for 20 minutes, and rinse it with tepid water. And you will have very clean, clarified skin. Your pimples will be nice and shrunken, if not very flat. You might still have a few red spots, but they'll be completely flat, which is something that you're going for. You want the infection our of them. And you're going to be dewy and hydrated, and you're going to look great.

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