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How to Make a Facial Scrub for Dry or Sensitive Skin

Learn how to make a facial scrub for dry or sensitive skin from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this skin care video from Howcast.


So I'm going to show you how to make a great facial scrub for dry or sensitive skin. It's a really easy mask to make, and it has one of my favorite skin care ingredients, sugar.

So this is a cup of sugar. Sugar is one of my favorite ingredients for skin care products because most people don't know that sugar makes bucolic acid, which is an incredible exfoliant.

I'm also using whole organic milk, three tablespoons, which contains lactic acid, another exfoliating ingredient. I'm going to use one tablespoon of warmed honey, which is your hydrating factor. And I'm also going to use extra virgin olive oil, that's organic. This is great because it's an anti-inflammatory. It softens the skin, as well. And it just makes the skin look really great. And it's safe for all skin types.

So I'm going to start by blending together my ingredients. So this is one cup of sugar. I'm going to add that to my honey. This is three tablespoons of whole organic milk. Now I'm going to add two tablespoons of olive oil. So you can mix this together with a spoon, and as you can see, it's kind of a watery consistency.

With any kind of a scrub, I always think the best way of applying it is with your fingertips. So that's what we're going to do here. I'm making really tiny circles all over the surface of the skin. It's actually incredibly gentle, so it's super safe, even for sensitive skin like I said.

So what's interesting about using sugar, is that it starts to disintegrate as you rub it into the skin. So it's becoming a glycolic acid as you're using the scrub.

So you apply a thin layer all over the surface of the skin. It actually feels incredible, because it has the slip of the olive oil, and the slight graininess from the sugar. I would spend about five minutes scrubbing the surface of the skin.

You want to concentrate a little bit more, perhaps in your T-zone, which would be your forehead, nose and chin area, because those tend to get a little bit more clogged and in need of more work. And then I would leave it on for a couple of minutes, probably about five minutes. You want to activate the glycolic acid in the sugar, the lactic acid of the milk, and that's why you want to leave it on the surface of the skin. And then I would rinse it with tepid water, which means not too hot and not too cold.

Your skin is going to look spectacular when you're done with this mask. You've never seen a glow like this one before. The olive oil is going to hydrate you really nicely, and you're going to actually hear compliments today after you use this mask.

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