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Syndicate Walkthrough Part 1 - Wake Up

Learn how to use your DART 6 chip in this walkthrough for Starbreeze Studios and EA Games' new release, Syndicate.


Voice-over: In the year 2017, the world's largest corporate merger leads to the creation of EuroCorp. The company is the first to spearhead the development of a Bio-Digital Implant. The DART Chip. Fueled by adrenaline, it's users experience unsurpassed connectivity with the Data verse, rendering all digital devices obsolete. Nations lose their relevance in a world dominated by these massive corporations. The world-population swells to 15 billion, 57% are chipped and linked to their preferred corporation. The rest are digitally locked out, out of sight and out of mind. Industrial espionage reaches unparalleled heights. Covert agents are mobilized to protect and serve their interests. You are one of the chosen few...An Agent.

Man: Connection established, the subject is ready to go.

Man: Roger that HQ, will begin wake up procedure.

Woman: Chip systems: Dart 6.1. Initializing.

Man: Okay, it's time to wake up.

Woman: Welcome to Chip System: Dart 6.1.

Man: Hey, are you in there?

Woman: Initializing Dart overlay.

Man: All units, the subject is operational!

Man: Light the fucker up!

Woman: Exit this area immediately.

Man: Don't let him get away.

Man: Carrying out order, ready to fire!

Woman: Detecting structural weakness. Recommend brute force assault.

Woman 2: Believed to be responsible for the [inaudible 00:03:58] Hill bombing last night. That attack claimed over 600 lives and caused damage to EuroCorp in excess of 120 million dollars. According to today's official statement, members of terrorist cells responsible for the bombing have been under surveillance [SP]...

Woman: Exit is closed. Local power grid is offline. Power grid governor detected in this vicinity. Main power grid restored. DART overlay highlights enemy positions.

Man: Tactical formation.

Woman 3: No! No! Please no!

Man: Stay in your room! There he is!

Woman: The Kusanagi rifle's secondary fire penetrates light cover.

Man: Go! Get inside!

Man: Let me in!

Man: He's on the roof! Bring him down!

Woman 4: Glad to have you back Kilo, let's get you in the chair. Security? Go ahead and clean up the proving grounds. Sit down Kilo, I need your post mission stats.

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