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Syndicate Walkthrough Part 3 - Assault on Aspari

Check out Part 4 and go on your first mission and Assault Aspari in this walkthrough for Starbreeze Studios and EA Games' new release, Syndicate.


Agent Merit: This ain't going to be like those tests, you know. This is the real deal. Civ casualties is a non-issue. You go after Chang and get his chip. I'll go for the mainframe, see what they've got in there. Showtime.

Computer: Datascape camouflage complete. We belong.

Agent Merit: Okay. This is where we split up. I'll stay in touch by chip link. Make sure you get the job done. Just find the asshole and get his chip.

Computer: Adrenal surge receptors fully charged.

Agent Merit: You're in my way. Have fun.

Man 2: No! No! Fuck!

Computer: Unpredicted behavior from breach. Uploading log file to EuroCorp R&D.

Agent Merit: I disabled the alarms, for the moment. Shouldn't have to worry about internal security for a while.

News Anchor: The blockage of the Panama Canal by Cayman Global's city raft La Ballena last week has forced the Aspari Corporation to concede in the uranium pricing dispute.

Computer: Soft asset Gary Chang, line of sight. Picking up encrypted transmission to soft asset Gary Chang.

Gary Chang: You think he knew we were sharing data?

Man 2: I don't know. They're sending agents for you, Gary. You gotta get out of there.

Gary Chang: Oh shit! They must be . . .

Man 2: Gary, focus! You got to get out!

Computer: Running decryption for full clean up.

Datascape camouflage disrupted.

Gary Chang: Shit, shit, come on, come on! If you try to kill me I'll blow the chip. That's what you came for, right? You'll never stop us!

Computer: Executive biochip detected on soft asset Gary Chang. Extract for analysis. Extraction complete. Upgrading.

Agent Merit: That's one less asshole to worry about. Now, let's get out of here. I can unlock the door for you now. You need to get that chip to HQ! Get back to the dropship.

Computer: Ceramic ADAP glass. Armoured against projectile and thermal assault. Susceptible to high calibre impact at low temperatures. Detecting threat.

Enemy soldiers: There! Get your ammo! Moving in! On it! Moving! Moving! Throwing granade!

Overhead Ad: Mandel cove, apartment in a box!

Enemy soldiers: Moving!

Computer: EuroCorp extraction vehicle, line of sight.

Helicoptor Pilot: Tangos approaching from all sides. We need to take off.

Agent Merit: Shit. Okay, leave plan B up to me.

Computer: Receiving coordinates from Agent Merit. Receiving EuroCorp upgrade protocol. Firmware updated.

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