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Syndicate Walkthrough Part 5 - A Train to Catch

Catch a train with Merit in this walkthrough for Starbreeze Studios and EA Games' new release, Syndicate.


Merit: Hey, Kilo, I'm coming up on the station, but these assholes won't quit. How about you pick up the pace?

Loudspeaker: In other news, revolutionary advances in skyscraper construction promises to combat the increasingly overpopulated urban area of Los Angeles.

Merit: Kilo, this is Merit. I'm in position by the platform. You coming? Wouldn't want to miss our ride.

Man 1: Moving!

Merit: Move it pretty boy. Got a train to catch!

Merit: Well Kilo I see you're in one piece.

Loudspeaker: Inglewood and Santa Monica stations-

Merit: That's our train. Better dig in. Got a shitload of hostiles incoming. I'm covering you. Watch your flank! Watch your back!

Man 2: Going in!

Computer: Intercepting transit system data. Train will arrive shortly at the platform. Maintain combat posture.

Merit: There it comes.

Loudspeaker: [inaudible 00:06:07] south station.

Merit: Shit! Got it! I'm not waiting! I'll breach the doors from inside!

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