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Syndicate Walkthrough Part 7 - Escape from LA

Board the train and escape from LA, just like Snake Pliskin, in this walkthrough for Starbreeze Studios and EA Games' new release, Syndicate.


Speaker one: This is a security announcement. The train will be diverted to an alternative terminal for processing. Please remain calm.

Speaker two: Detected - rear control system has been breached by Aspari counter forces. Locate and eliminate.

Speaker one: Counter measures are now in effect. Train lockdown sequence activated.

Speaker two: Local systems offline. Remote lockdown is in effect.

Speaker three: Okay, moving in. Affirmative.

Speaker two: Disable external control source for system access. Remote control system detected. Divert power to disable lockdown protocol. Control source disabled. Train is operational. Sub-systems online but counter measures are still active. Calculating alternative route to main system control. Incoming Aspari gunship detected. Sending coordinates to Eurocorp extraction team.

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