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Syndicate Walkthrough Part 11 - Cayman Global

Check out Part 12 and rescue Lily Drawl from Cayman Global in this walkthrough for Starbreeze Studios' new cyberpunk FPS release, Syndicate.


Computer Voice: Found datascape violation. A Cayman-Global Rapiña dropship just de-cloaked.

Man 1: Engage!

Man 2: Okay, I'm on the roof. Shit, they've got an exit ship up here ready to dust off.

Computer Voice: Our tactical window for retrieving soft asset Lily Drawl is closing. Detected - Cayman Global Mobile combat HQ.

Man 3: I'm not backing down. [Inaudible 00:03:27]

Man 4: Retreat!

Man 5: [Inaudible 00:05:10] Gotcha!

Man 2: We got a spike into their coms, Kilo. The Rapiña's getting ready for takeoff.

Man 6: Takeoff starting!

Computer Voice: Extrapolating course parameters -- south southeast, out to sea, and climbing. You will need to hang on.

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