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Syndicate Walkthrough Part 12 - The Floating City

Check out Part 13 and rescue Lily Drawl from Cayman Global in this walkthrough for Starbreeze Studios' new cyberpunk FPS release, Syndicate.


Female: Intercepting comms traffic.

Piranha 2: Ballena Traffic Control, this is Piranha 2. Requesting permission to land. Over.

Control: This is control. We have solid copy. IFF is clear. Hold station at landing rack Starboard 3 and await full clearance. Please confirm copy.

Piranha 2: Understood, Control. Conforming. Piranha 2 out.

Female: Time to disembark. Seeking optimal access points.

This is a high security area. Suggest re-routing the Rapiña for optimal assault.

Upgrade potential detected.



Message log analysis complete. Playing recorded transmission.

Control: This is control. We are experiencing clearance software difficulties. Re-route to landing station Starboard 9. Over.

Piranha 2: Copy all, Control. We're going. Piranha 2 out.

Female: Seeking datascape camouflage. Datascape camouflage complete. We belong.

Cassandra: Hello and welcome to La Ballena. I'm Cassandra, the Cayman-Global official visitor guide, designed to make your visit memorable and enjoyable. So if there's anything you need, don't hesitate to ask.

Female: Intercepting comms traffic.

Executive Command: Piranha 2, this is Executive Command. We have a possible security breach at landing station Starboard 3. Re-route to high security landing station Starboard 18 immediately. Copy.

Piranha 2: This is Piranha 2. Solid copy. Out.

Female: Covert intrusion has failed. Calculating direct assault through executive security levels.

Computer: Scanning. Low security access. Granted.

Executive security access. Granted.

Security override. Please remain calm. Identity invalid. Security lockdown. Applying countermeasures.

Female: Countermeasures, negated.

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