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Syndicate Walkthrough Part 17 - Betrayed

Check out Part 18 and get Betrayed in this walkthrough for Starbreeze Studios and EA Games' new cyberpunk FPS release, Syndicate.


Soldier 1: Enemy agent!

Soldier 2: Help! Help!

Soldier 3: Go! Go! Go!

Soldier 4: Get him out here!

Soldier 5: Shoot!

Soldier 6: Corporate Agent!

Soldier 7: Throwing grenade!

Computer Voice: Core functions recovered. Chip systems - online.

Soldier 8: Enemy agent, fire!

Soldier 9: Okay. Affirmative!

Soldier 10: Get that fucker!

Soldier 11: Shoot him!

Soldier 12: Open fire!

Soldier 13: Low ammo!

Soldier 14: Intruder!

Soldier 15: Get him!

Soldier 16: Enemy ahead!

Soldier 17: Flank him!

Soldier 18: Attack!

Computer Voice: This was an organized ambush. Evidence suggests soft asset Lily Drawl is co-operating with the subverters, a terminating offense.

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