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Syndicate Walkthrough Part 18 - Betrayed

Get Betrayed in this walkthrough for Starbreeze Studios and EA Games' new cyberpunk FPS release, Syndicate.


Man one: C'mon! on three. One... two... three! It's dark but he's gotta be there.

Man two: I see the agent! Get him! Kill him!

Female Computer: Power grid governor detected in this vicinity. Analyzing. Power is out. You'll need to override the shutdown at source.

Man three: Kill him!

Female Computer: Main power grid--

Man four: Attack! Shit, I'm hurt.

Female Computer: Alternate entry detected.

Woman one: Hurry! Run!

Man five: Don't back down.

Female Computer: Lily Drawl. Line of sight. We are closing in.

Man Six: Ammo! Out of ammo!

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