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Syndicate Walkthrough Part 20 - Kris

Find Kris in this walkthrough for Starbreeze Studios and EA Games' new cyberpunk FPS release, Syndicate.


Man 1: Roque agent! Pull out your weapon!

Greene Four: Valley Forge, this is Greene Four. Looks like we've got something else here as well. What's the... Dee? You got a visual?

Valley Forge: Greene Four, this is Valley Forge. I did not copy. I did not copy. Say again?

Greene Four: Get a possible second hostile out here. Lost contact with Able Squad and hang on.

Valley Forge: Green Four? Green Four, do you copy?

Man 2: Green Four's hand has his severed from his shoulders. Can I help you with something?

Valley Forge: Green Four? Green Four? Who the hell was that?

Woman: Receiving the transmission on a secure frequency.

Merit: Kilo, this is Merit. What the hell kind of a mess have you gotten yourself into? I got your cast and I'm on my way. I can't believe you haven't killed that bitch yet. Merit out.

Man 2: Target acquired.

Woman: Primary Sanctioned Objective updated, extract or terminate Soft Asset Lily Drawl.

Man 2: Target acquired.

Kris: I know you've tried to get in touch, but the old line isn't secure anymore. Tell Lily I can leak the data across whenever we choose if she's sure. But tell her this is going to mean war. Blood in the streets. Cayman-Global can't react any other way! They see this data...

Woman: Accessing secure cam feed. Identified Soft Asset Lily Drawl and associate.

Lily: Just the way you always wanted it, Kris? Blaze of revolutionary glory. Power grows out of the barrel of a fucking gun, just like always.

Kris: I didn't make the world the way it is, Lily, I just aim to change it. You came here looking for my help. Well, this is my help.

Lily: I just thought...

Kris: You just thought you'd build a better chip, give all those consumers back their humanity and guess what? They don't want it back. Power, wealth, bright lights -- Way more attractive.

Lily: Denham blocked the changes. I couldn't. So many people are going to die.

Kris: Yes! And fuck them all, because they had the chance to change sides, and now it's too late.

Lily: You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Kris: Hey, hey, hey. I'm not the one who sent the data to Chang and asked him to leak it to Cayman-Global. You triggered this war, Lily, not me. Hell, my guys down here all think you're a bona fide hero of the revolution. Ain't that right, Jeff?

Lily: Great.

Kris: In fact, I already told them. If anything happens to me, you step into my shoes.

Lily: No, no, no, fuck that...

Man: Sorry, it's already done. Man up, Lily. There's no middle ground left anymore. None.

Woman: Identified TWB leader Kris Delaney, cell operative name Logos.

Merit: Kilo. I'm on the ground kicking ass. Got a warm welcome from these animals, but I taught them not to pick a fight with me. I'll see you soon.

Man 3: Here he comes!

Lily: Get out of here. Be careful.

Man 3: Go!

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