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Syndicate Walkthrough Part 22 - Eurocorp

Recover at Eurocorp and see what's going on with Lily Drawl in this walkthrough for Starbreeze Studio's new cyberpunk FPS release, Syndicate.


Man 1: Clean up the blood. It's infecting the surrounding neural network.

Woman 1: Oh God, they're here!

Man 2: Beyond the chip?

Woman 1: Shhh, gorgeous.

Man 2: How's that possible? God damn it, I want to know how's that possible?

Woman 1: There's no need to worry...

Man 1: Down the synthetic memory feed.

Man 2: Is he salvageable?

Woman 1: Everything's going to be all right.

Man 1: The inherent kill-lock may be in jeopardy.

Man 3: You're going to make me proud, son.

Man 2: All right, let's go to damage control. Roll back to version five. Recycle what you can use, flush the rest. I want to find out who put her up to this!

Man 4: Can't believe you fucked up so badly, Kilo. What happened to you, man?

Man 5: [inaudible 00:00:56]

Man 6: Hey, wait! No, no!

Man 5: [inaudible 00:01:08]

Man 2: Shh... don't cry, boy. We'll take good care of you. Wouldn't let such excellent genes go to waste now, would we? File him as a child of no fixed abode, take him down to Human Resources. Let's get this thing rolling. You're going to make me proud, son.

Woman 2: Core functions recovered. Chip systems online.

Man 4: Soon as Calico gets back, he's going to reach into that pretty head of yours and pull out everything we need to know. But your chip is making him nervous, so I promised to soften it up. No hard feelings, okay?

Woman 3: Any moment now. Your world will come crashing down.

Man 4: Yeah? Who's going to bring it down? Your boyfriend? They're still picking up the pieces.

Woman 3: Kilo. What do you want? What are you doing here? Did you come to kill me? Or to get me out of here?

The war has started. I never wanted this. I tried to use the technology to change the syndicates. Make them more human, I guess. But I was kidding myself. Denham's techs fed in synthetic memories, right to your neocortex. Re-writing your past, your whole life. It's what they do to agents. You, Mert, the others. Anyway, I thought you should know the truth. Denham took your life once. Are you going to let it happen again? It's him, or us.

Take it easy. Come on. Let's see if we can get your body fixed. The virtuvian can restore you, Kilo. Climb up to the device.

Come on. Let's go.

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