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How to Do a Herkie in Cheerleading

Learn how to do a herkie cheerleading jump from UCA instructor Ashley Cowan of in this Howcast video.


How to do a Herkie. The Herkie jump was named after Lawrence Herkie Herkimer, a cheerleader at SMU. For the Herkie jump, we'll start in this position right here and we'll use counts, to help us along the way. On one, you're going to go ahead and hit a hivey, on two, hold, on three, swing your arms into this X position with your knees bent and on four, you're going to jump off the ground, hit a T motion with your arms.

Now, let's go ahead and sit on the ground, to go over the exact body positions of a Herkie. For your arms, you want to have your arms in a T. For a more traditional look, you can put your arms, in a punch and on your hip. For your legs, one leg should be in a toe touch position, with your knees straight, your toes pointed and the other leg, used to be in a bent position, with your leg leveled to the ground. On five, you'll bring your feet back together and land, hold on six and stand on seven.

Let's do the Herkie to counts. Five, six, seven, eight, one two three four five six, seven. And that's, how you do a Herkie.

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