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How to Avoid Common Braid Mistakes

Learn how to avoid the most common braid mistakes from professional hairstylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial.


I get asked questions all the time about how to avoid common mistakes. People have a rough time braiding.

I think a good thing to think about is if, if you're having trouble actually holding the braid in your hand, how can you make that simpler? Whether it's maybe your hair is too slippery or it's been flat ironed. Or it's really, really soft.

Adding something that's going to give it a little texture like a beach spray or a little bit of hairspray. Or even if. For some people it works best if the just air dry their hair. You almost want a puffy, fluffy appearance to the hair.

It just holds the braid much easier. So, that will make the work that you're already doing with your hands a little bit easier.

Another thing to think about, especially with French braids. A lot of people have trouble starting a French braid and holding it in their hands. I would suggest taking, when you create your three strands. The middle strand, put a clear rubber band on, and then start braiding your other pieces over the top.

And usually, you can hide the clear rubber band inside of the braid or just snip it off with scissors. But that will help you get a great start with the braid.

So then, that allows you to, once you get that base that start, it allows you to really zoom through that braid and kind of build up a little confidence in the dexterity that you need.

Braiding takes practice. I think the more often that you're able to fool around with braids, the more comfortable your hands get, the more flexibility, the better that your results will be.

I think a lot of times people slip up when they want a very loose, soft braid by braiding it really loose and soft. I really feel the best way to achieve that look is to start off with a nice, tight braid and then go through and loosen it up with your hands.

Even if it's just stretching a piece here and there. Kind of loosening and softening the look. That will also make everything look a little bit bigger and fuller, like you have more hair.

So, don't be afraid to go in nice and tight and then go through the end, then loosen everything up afterwards.

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