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Cute Kids' Hair Braiding Styles

Learn some cute hair braiding styles for kids from professional hairstylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial.


Some really cute kids' braid styles would be, I think, the French braid always looks adorable on little kids, especially, if they have really long hair, I would do two, one on either side, going straight back, really really cute. Also, another one would be, like the French braided bang, where you just braid the front section of hair and you can finish that off, for a little girl, with a big bow or maybe. a beautiful barrette that she loves. You can add in, a bunch of girly accessories that way.

And the twist braid is also one of my favorites to do on a little girl. It's got such a whimsical feel to it and it's something different, that they probably have never done before. When doing braids in kids' hair, it's probably best, to keep the styles pretty simple. Tighter is always better. With little kids, it's actually great, to start with kind of, damp hair, just because the hair will hold itself in place with the braid. And when you're a little kid and you're running around and playing crazily, you don't want your hair falling all over the place. So, start with damp hair and work really, really tight.

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