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Good Braid Styles for a Wedding

Learn some braid hairstyles that are good for a wedding from professional hairstylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial.


So a couple of great ideas if you're planning on wearing braids to a wedding would be to keep them very loose and natural feeling. I almost always would start with a curling iron set. So, just put some light tousled curls throughout your hair and then whatever you do after that, keep it very light and soft and smooth. We want to keep things looking modern and not like you're a milkmaid. So, the looser the better. That's also great when you're on the dance floor or you're outdoors, if pieces start to fly away from your face, if you have a soft, light braid, everything kind of flows together and it doesn't look like you've become undone suddenly.

A couple of different styles that I think are great for weddings would be something like a Heidi braid or a goddess braid, something very simple and loose. And, fishtail braids are great. It's a great statement. It goes great with a dress. Something soft to the side is always nice, you photograph well from the front that way. Keep everything off of your face, and those are some great braid styles for a wedding.

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