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How to Do a Braid like Blake Lively

Learn how to do a braid like Blake Lively from professional hairstylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial.


This is a Blake Lively-inspired updo. So I've started off with a fishtail braid right in the center. For the look Blake has all of her hair on one side. She has a fishtail braid. She has another little braid in there, and it all cascades and is closed up on the very bottom. So we started with a fishtail, and I really want to make it messy. Now that I have that, I'm just going to flip it over, and I'm actually going to create a little section right underneath that.

So your section looks like this. It's probably about an inch wide, maybe two or three inches deep. And that will differ kind of with everybody's different hair. For this one I'm just going to do a traditional braid, a regular braid and I'm going to keep it pretty tight all the way down to the bottom. So create your braid all the way to the bottom. Same with the fishtail braid. Be sure you braid it all the way as far down as you can. And then you want to secure that with a clear elastic band. And then this one you also want to widen up. So you just want to kind of mess it up a little bit. I'm just rubbing my fingers back and forth over the top of it, so you create a little bit of fullness.

And it's an interesting style, because you get a really interesting texture by having both of the different braids. So now we take just all of her hair from one side, pulling it all the way to the other. And we'll leave that long bang part out. Just want to brush this all in the same direction. And then I'm actually going to take a clear rubber band, and I'm going to put it on the very tip. And then I'm going to take this part, and I'm going to smooth it over the top here. Use it to kind of cover up my partings, my sections. And then right behind that last braid, I'm going to take a bobby pin, and I'm going to pin it.

I'm not going to open up my bobby pin. I'm just going to slide it in and upward. And I don't quite want this much hanging down. So I'm going to pin that in a little bit as well. And then Blake Lively took a beautiful jeweled broach and actually pinned the broach into the top of the hair. So that's another alternate that you could do. But here is your Blake Lively-inspired do.

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