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How to Do a Braid like Ashley Olsen

Learn how to do a braid like Ashley Olsen from professional hairstylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial.


Now, Ashley wears her hair a couple of different ways. We're going to do
a spray that has the hair down, so we're not going to pull all the hair
up into the braids, we're going to leave some out.

The way we're going to do that is we're going to section off the hair.
We are going to take a section from the very top of the part to the top
of the ear, and we're going to leave this hair out. Let me just clip it
so you can better see that. It's important that you do this behind the
ear and have a little bit longer hair just for coverage. The reason we
take behind the ear is we know that when you look at somebody from the
front, all you can see is the hair that's in front of you, you can't see
behind. So we're going to use that to kind of hide how we're getting
this look.

I'm going to make a little section upward toward the top, so my section
looks like this. It's probably about two inches wide, and then it
continues almost all the way up to the part. I'm going to take that
section that I've created, and I'm going to pull it over the top of the
head. When I do that I'm just eyeballing it, so I'm just looking to see
if this hair that I left here will cover up the sectioning in the back.
That's great because then we know that it will diffuse where the braid
actually comes from.

The most important part of this braid is, you want to braid in the
direction that the braid is going to go. Most of us would braid, you
know, just a quick little braid all the way to the ends, and then you
would try to put it over. What would happen is you always end up with
this funny ear, this little thing sticking out. We're actually going to
move the braid in the direction that the hair grows.

I'm going to section it off into three sections, and we're just doing a
plain braid. What I'm going to do is I'm going to move upward in the
direction that the hair is going to go, all the way over. And if I was
doing this at home I would braid it to the halfway point, and then I
would switch my hands and just continue to braid it in that direction.
And with these braids, you want to braid all the way to the end, and you
want to secure with an elastic band or a little plastic one.

I like to, at this stage, go to the other side and do the same thing, so
that you're making mirror images of each other. So remember, top of the
part, the top of the ear, that's the section that you leave out, and I just
clip it so that it stays out of the way. And then you want to look at
the other side and get a good feel for where it's at. You will notice
that this section is a little bit round, that just keeps it really nice
and soft.

Double check that my sections are the same, and then I'm going to do the
same exact thing. I'm going to start my braid, moving it where I want it
to go, cross over to the other side. Keeping it tight as we go, making
it almost to the end and then securing that with an elastic band. I'm
going to take and widen my braid. So I'm just going to stretch it out,
I'm going to pull on either side of it, fluff it up. Since this is a
little bit more of a Bohemian look, it doesn't have to be as perfect,
which is great. Another thing you can do too is you can almost, like
your rubbing your hands together, just do that all the way up the braid.

Now we can release these clips, we're going to take both of the braids
and braid them right over each other. Take bobby-pins and secure the
braids in place. So I start with the ends of the braid, tuck them away
nicely, and what usually happens is one braid goes in front of the other
braid. So this one I want to be in front, to camouflage that, wherever
you feel like you need a little bit more tightness and bobby-pin
around, definitely make sure to cover the end. Then you're going to take
the hair that's over the top and be sure to brush it down so that it can
conceals where our pins are, just doing that on the other side also. And
there you have the Ashley Olsen Goddess Braid.

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