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How to Do a Braid like Drew Barrymore

Learn how to do a braid like Drew Barrymore from professional hairstylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial.


This is a Drew Barrymore inspired up-do. This is when Drew Barrymore actually had about shoulder length hair. It was just a really great way to integrate braids into an up-do with kind of a funky feel to it.

I've started by just french braiding the front of the hair. I only pulled in sections of the hair from the bottom of the hairline. I didn't pull in any of this hair here. Which is great because now I can utilize this hair and create more braids.

With short hair it's all about not taking too much hair because you don't have very much hair to spare. We're going to go right on top of that one and we going to actually create another row of a braid.

Something to think about too is once you've created the look of a french braid up front, all the other braids that you do are going to look like they're french braids also. But they're not going to be. So they're just going to take on that appearance.

Now I'm going to braid her hair all the way down to the ends. Obviously for the Drew Barrymore inspired look, she had very short hair. So you would only braid until the end of your hair.

This style could be worn on many different lengths. Now I'm going to continue putting different size braids all throughout the hair.

This next section that I'm taking is right on the very top of the hair. And I'm going to go the opposite way. So these braids have gone this way and now within the same pattern, I'm going to go the opposite direction.

This would be a great look if you were in a wedding and you had very short hair. If you were going to a party and you just wanted something cute and funky. Remember all of these are braided all the way to the bottom.

Then I've already done a couple of braids on the other side also. It's really freeform, that's what's so great about it.

Now that I've done two this way, I have three going this way, one going this way, I'm going to come in here and go down. This I might french braid. But again, I'm only going to be pulling hair from the very bottom.

Instead of continuing the french braid all the way to the other side of the head, I'm just going to turn it into a regular braid. That's a really easy cheater if you don't think that you could french braid all the way around from one side of the head to the other, especially here in the back, you could very easily do this and get the same look. And I'll show you how.

Basically you want to cover the head in braids. All different sizes, all different shapes. Going in different directions. Crossing over each other. Do some big ones. Do some skinny ones. The more varied the braids, the better the look. Braid it to the end. Secure with an elastic band. Take some of them, fluff them up. Leave others really skinny.

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