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How to Do a Fishtail French Braid

Learn how to do a fishtail French braid from professional hairstylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial


We're going to do a fishtail french braid. We're going to do two french braids down each side. So the way that you start a french braided fishtail is once you're familiar with the classic fishtail, it's pretty easy.

Take a triangle section at the start and just like a fishtail, separate that into two parts. Take a little triangle section here and you're going to start off just the way that you start a french braid by doing a couple of regular braids.

So you're going to start off just doing a couple of regular fishtail braids and start integrating the hair in after that. Two sections and you want to take a small bit from the outside of the section. Cross it over to the other side. Add it to that section. Then do the same thing on the other side. So take it over to the other side. Creates a little X. That's how you know you're doing it right.

Then maybe do a couple more sections like that and then we'll start integrating some hair in. You just want to give yourself a good base to start with. And just like when you're doing the french braid, or the regular fishtail braid, you want to keep tightening up your X. Making sure that it's really tight at the top.

For our next section, take a tiny bit from the bottom, cross it over to the top, and now we're going to start integrating hair. Same side, same bottom. You want to grab a bit of hair. Pull it over too to the other side. Just like you took from your other strand, you want to take a little bit from the scalp and move it over there too.

You start by taking a little piece from the top, crossing it over to the bottom strand. And then adding a little bit of hair from the outside and integrating it over as well. You can see we got a tiny little fishtail started.

You just continue like that all the way down to the nape of the neck. Cross over. Integrate a little hair in. Cross it over also. In the same direction. Take a little hair from the top. Cross it over and then take a little hair from the top and integrate it over as well. You see we have the start of our tiny little fishtail.

When you get a little faster, you can take a section from the outside and from your second strand at the same time. Take a little section of that. Going to grab a little section from the top strand as well. Pull it over. If it's easier to keep you in line, continue doing just one strand at a time. One strand and another strand over.

As we continue to go down and back around the head, you still want to keep pulling from the same place. We're starting to get right behind the ear, so we're going to continue to go down and back, as opposed to over. So take a little section from the bottom strand, pass it over to the first. Going in the same direction. A little section from the bottom.

Then I'm out of hair to pull from the top section so I'm just going to continue on without integrating the hair.

This is the fishtail french braid.

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