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How to Do a Casual Beach Braid

Learn how to do casual beach braids from professional hairstylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial.


We're going to do casual beach braids now. This look I've created would be perfect for a day at the beach or just when you want it to look extra beach-y. What I'm actually going to do is create three braids and braid them over and connect them.

So, I'm going to take this first section here, and I left a little bit of hair out around the hairline for some nice softness. These are just going to be regular braids. I'm going to drape them kind of going back and down. You could do a different type of braid for each of these of course. You could do a fish tail braid if you wanted to. You could do a french braid if you wanted to.

I'm going to braid it half way down her hair just so I know that I can pull it over to the other side. So, now I just attach a clear rubber band to the bottom of the hair to secure it and to place.

So, we're just going to take a small section right below that one, and we're going to do the same thing. We're going to braid it back in a soft sweeping motion being sure to keep all of our pieces separate so they don't tangle.

Go all the way down and then secure that with a clear elastic band. Now, we're going to take a section from directly behind the ear and this time we're going to actually go up in an upward swooping motion. Braid it all the way to the end and then secure it with an elastic band.

Then every time I finish a braid I just make sure everything works in the direction that I want it to work. Now, we're going to actually do the same thing on the other side. So, just take that top section, split it into three parts and braid it, remembering to braid in the direction you want the hair to go.

So, I'm braiding it away from her face, the same way you would do it at home. I know that I'm going to make those braids on the other side meet up with this side. So, I know I don't need to go quite as far with these braids. Secure the ends with a clear elastic band. Then create a section right below that, three separate parts. Braid it and bring back away from the face.

Take a section right below that. Break it into three parts and start braiding it in the direction you want it live in. Braid it away from the face, making sure it will reach, then take a clear elastic band, secure the end, making sure that it stretches the way I want to.

I'm going to take your third piece and it's going to be right behind the ear. Break it into three sections and continue braiding it in the direction you want it to go in and then secure that with a clear elastic band. Now, I'm going to take the braids from the other side and I'm going to attach them to these braids.

So, I'm going to take the top two braids and connect them. I like to connect them a little off centered almost right behind the ear. So, all you have to do to connect them is to take one side of your clear elastic band, whatever side you want. Just attach it to the other side. Join the two braids together as one and then grab the second braid, position it a little lower. Take part of your clear elastic band from one and attach it to the other.

Now, take your last braid, bring it over to join the other one and connect them. It just gives you beautiful draping over the side. It's very casual. It creates a lot interest all throughout the hair and keeps it right out of your face for a hot day.

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