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How to Do a Twist Braid or Rope Braid

Learn how to do a twist braid or rope braid from professional hairstylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial.


So the twist braid is a two strand braid. It's very similar to the waterfall, in that you are dropping something out.

So we're going to start close to the front of the head. Leaving a little bit of hair out around the face for a bit of softness.

So what I'm going to do is I'm going to take two strands and I'm going to cross them over. And then what you do is you add a piece from the top over the top braid, the top section. And then twist. In the twist, you're just moving your hand from one side to the other.

So we're going to take a little piece of hair. Place it in between those two strands and twist. Take this top piece in between those two strands. Then twist.

So whatever section is on the top, or on the bottom, now becomes the top. And you just continue on like that. Very simple. Take a section from the top. Cross it over the top of the twist. Get it in there and then twist.

Always pulling the hair from the very top of the head. A bit of hair in between your two pieces. That section on the bottom becomes the top.

Take a small section of hair. Bring it over the top. And then twist. Now we're going to start bringing it down over that top section of hair and twist. And twist.

One more piece from the front. Cross it over. And twist. And then just take a minute to make your pieces nice. Make sure your twist is cool.

And then I would just take a bobby pin. You could do a little clear elastic band too if you wanted to. And secure that right into place. I am going to crisscross. I did the first bobby pin going up and I'm going to cross this one over it. Just so that it's extra secure there. And there's your twist braid.

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