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How to Do a Fishtail Hair Updo

Learn how to do a fishtail updo from professional hairstylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial.


We're going to do two fishtail braids on either side that are French fishtails. And then, we are going to kind of disrupt that shape and create a beautiful up-do. So, I've already fishtail French-braided one side. Now, I'm going to do the other. And for this part, I'm going to leave a little bit of her bang. If you had a full bang, go ahead and leave that out. Or just some loose pieces around the front, just so we get a little bit of softness around the face.

And then I'm going to take the section. I'm going to cut it into two pieces. And I'm just going to begin fishtailing it. Going to get a couple of good fishtail braids in before I start adding hair from either side for the French braid. Remembering to keep it nice and tight at the top. So now, I'm going to start integrating some hair. So, I like to take a piece of hair. Grab a little piece of the other half of our fishtail and cross over. Take a little bit of hair, take a little bit from your other side, cross it over. A little bit from the outside, cross it over. Tighten it up in-between each time.

So, I'm pulling hair from the very top of the head pulling it into the braid. So, I'm going to pull a little bit of hair from here, add a little bit from my outside hair and then cross it over to the other section. Grab a little piece from the other section and cross it over. Grab a little bit of hair, grab a little bit from the other section and cross it over.

You could do these sections as big or as little as you want to. I'm doing these a little bit bigger because we're going to kind of mess them up at the end, so they don't have to be too tedious. We'll just continue to cross over without2 adding in extra hair. And that usually happens on one side and then, the other side is usually getting the nape into the hair. A little bit from the nape, cross it over, pull it tight. We're officially out of hair on that side. Take a little from that section, cross it over and we're officially out of hair for the other side, also.

And what I'm going to do is I'm going to take that and I'm actually going to secure it with a clear rubber band right at the base of the head. Going to create a little ponytail. And the reason I'm creating a ponytail is because it's going to make continuing your fishtail braid so much easier. We're going to continue the fishtail braid on this bottom part, just section that into two sections and begin crossing it over to the other side.

I'm taking big sections, I'm taking little sections. Just keeping it not too coherent. Want it a little bit funner than that. Go to the end and then secure it with a small, clear elastic band. And then, do the same thing on the other side.

Okay, so I just completed the other side and the other braid. Now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to start loosening this up. And every so often, I'll push it up and see if I like the shape that it's happening. I'm going to now remove the plastic that I put on there before. I'm going to pinch right where I had that plastic with my hand. I'm going to take one hair out of the bottom. By one hair, I mean five hairs. And I'm just going to start pulling that hair, keeping my fingers pinched. And you can see, it's slowly moving the braid up.

And so, this, then, is going to now create a beautiful, textured appearance in the back. I'm going to take this end piece first and bobby pin it. So, I'm tucking the loose ends underneath. Then, I'm going to do the other side. Same thing. So, I'm actually going to take it, wrap it around the other direction and there you have your fishtail up-do.

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