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How to Short Pass & Push Pass in Soccer

Learn how to short pass and push pass from soccer coach Deejae Johnson in this Howcast video.


Passing is the essence of possession. Accurate passes to team mates that are stationary as well as team mates on the move. The goal is to complete your passes in one or two touches. The push pass is used to move the ball between team mates that are five to twenty yards away or to shoot for accuracy from a short distance. The first exercise has a two yard target in the middle between two players standing ten yards apart. The players play two touch. Pushing the ball through the cones to their team mate. We would like them to receive the ball with one foot and play the ball back with the push pass with the same foot.

The second exercise uses a twenty yard diamond. One player is going to check to the side of the diamond, the other player is going to play it to the back foot of the player, the receiver returns the ball and dribbles back to the starting point. Here the key is the timing of the pass. We don't want the receiver to be waiting. We want to make sure that the ball goes to the back foot. In this exercise we repeat to both sides so that you are receiving and passing with both feet.

The third exercise is a combo passing exercise using the same diamond. Player checks to the side, receives the ball from their partner, place it back one touch, spins to the outside, receives the one touch pass from their partner and dribbles back to initial point. Fall, good spin, find them and decent. Exercise is repeated so the partner plays the same at combo pass. Spin, find them, good timing. Training these passing techniques, you can find a team mate through, around and over the defenders.

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