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How to Shoot on the Move in Soccer

Learn how to shoot a soccer ball on the move from soccer coach Deejae Johnson in this Howcast video.


Shooting on the move is important because not all shots come when you are stationary. Often you have to move in order to get to a pass or a cross around a team mate. First exercise to work on shooting on the move, the player runs around the cone, receives the ball from the server and hits it first time towards the goal. Key factors to the shooting on the move, you have to understand the distance from the goal, you have to accelerate to the ball. You have to understand rather this is the ball you can hit first time. Keeping your shots on target is a priority.

The second exercise we change the point of the service. So this time, instead of coming from the right side, its coming from left side. The third exercise, the player starts in the penalty spot, they run around the cone that's on the penalty yard and they drive towards the ball and push the ball into the corner first time. When shooting on the move, getting to the ball first is crucial and keeping your shot on frame is priority.

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