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How to Do Shooting Drills for Soccer

Learn how to do shooting drills from soccer coach Deejae Johnson in this Howcast video.


Scoring is what everyone wants to do in soccer. Shooting is the essence of beating the opposing goal keeper and scoring goals.

In this first exercise, we line up six soccer balls across the six yard box. We get a good angled starting point and we drive each ball into the net. Driving back, starting again, and driving the next ball into the goal.

Key factors to shooting. We're going to lean forward with the shoulders and have the kicking knee over the ball. The kicking foot is pointed downwards. The support foot is pointed to the target. Drive through the ball with a locked ankle. Follow through onto the kicking foot and hit the top half of the ball to keep the ball down.

The second exercise we can progress by having a volley. This way, we strike the ball that's in the air. In this exercise we want to make sure we strike the ball before it bounces a second time.

The next exercise is a game we call nets. It's a competition between two players or maybe even the whole team. We start at six yards out. When you strike the ball if it hits the net in the air, you progress to the next level. Level 2 is nine yards from the goal. Level 3 is 12 yards from the goal. Level 4 is 15 yards from the goal. Level 5 is 18 yards from the goal. Level 6 is 21 yards from the goal. In this game, we decided to have one point for each other. So Level 1 is worth one point, level 2 is worth two points all the way back to Level 6 being worth six points.

Everyone wants to score goals. These exercises concentrate on the technique and repetition of shooting to gain confidence to shoot. 100 percent of shots not taken don't go into the goal.

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