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How to Do a Robinho Stepover Trick in Soccer

Learn how to do the soccer trick known as the Robinho Stepoer from soccer coach Deejae Johnson in this Howcast video.


The Robinho step-over is named after the famous Brazilian player, Robinho, currently playing for Real Madrid. Robinho uses a series of scissors to unweight the defender and explode past them when he feels he has an advantage. Robinho can use a step-over either on a stationary ball or on the dribble. Robinho's step-over, is really a series of scissors moving the outside of the foot around the ball and then repeating with the other foot. Robinho can repeat this two, three, four times; you never know. The Robinho step-over is a series of scissors that unweights the defender. The beauty of that is you never know whether it's going to be one, or two, or three scissors; you just never know.

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