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How to Do Passing Drills for Soccer

Learn how to do passing drills from soccer coach Deejae Johnson in this Howcast video.


Passing is a movement of the ball between two team mates. Using the in-step we are going to use the twenty five, five yard box. The partners stand twenty yards apart, they are going to drive a ball to their partner on the ground with the in-step. The partner is going to receive the ball and set it up for a return pass with the in-step. Keep backers to the in-step or keep the ankle locked, follow through diagonally across the body and keep the ball low. For the outside of the foot we are going to use a twenty yard diamond.

The support player stays on the side of the diamond, serving player starts at the top of the diamond, takes a touch, places the ball on the outside of their foot to their team mate, run through the center of the diamond and gets the return pass back from their partner.

For the chip pass, we are going to use the twenty yard space and jab underneath the ball, getting the ball up, over the space in the middle and down to our partner's foot. As we practice a few times, we can put a team mate in the middle, try to chip it over their head but down to our partner's foot. Key factors to the chip pass are strikes underneath the ball, jab through the ball and limit your follow through. Training these passing techniques you can find a team mate through, around and over the defenders.

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