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How to Improve Your Long-Range Shooting in Soccer

Learn how to improve your long-range shooting from soccer coach Deejae Johnson in this Howcast video.


Sometimes the best scoring chances occur far from goal.

Long rage shooting will help you gain confidence to attempt those shots. In the first exercise, the player is going to play the ball forward and shoot from long range. 25 to 35 yards from goal. Key factors to long range shooting, you need some lift on the ball. You need a lot of power and accuracy.

The second exercise, the player plays the ball into a teammate who plays it back to them. The striker hits it first time from long range.

The third exercise, the player receives the ball from a teammate who's out on the wing, turns towards goal, and shoots from long range.

Practicing your long range shooting might come in handy when the opposing keeper is off their line or when the defense is sitting back and playing low pressure.

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